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Do you believe? October 29, 2008

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A recent study known as the American Climate Values Survey and published by ecoAmerica says that 18 percent of Americans strongly believe that climate change is real, human-caused and harmful.

According to the survey, published at the beginning of October, most people (73 percent) do believe in climate change, but don’t attribute the full impact to humans.  Interestingly enough, politics had the biggest impact on whether or not people are believers –  54% Republicans survey believe in climate change while 90% Democrats are believers. 

Bob Perkowitz, founder and chairman of ecoAmerica, says that people need to start relating to global warming as an American issue, and not merely a political issue, if we’re ever going to get around to finding plausible solutions. 

The survey found that another reason people are not that interested in finding answers as soon as possible is because too great an impact has been placed on solutions for the environment alone – very few perceive a personal benefit from the expense that it might take to invest in green technologies. 

ecoAmerica hopes that, based on the answers people provided, this survey will provide a framework on which to adjust the message of global warming and climate change that might make people pay more attention to it as one of the primary problems facing our world today.

You can view the ACVS survey results for yourself by clicking here and downloading the PDF.


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